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Is 5G the Next Step for Australia?

In September, the Australian Communications and Media Authority proposed an acceleration of the process that would allow telecommunications companies to build 5G mobile networks.

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Could Australia’s Power Grid be Hacked?

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It sounds like something out of a movie. Public transport grinds to a halt. Networks go dark. Lights go out. And an entire city is paralysed and shutdown as critical infrastructure is targeted- all with the press of a button.

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How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting the Telco Industry

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Artificial intelligence is a term used to refer to computer systems that can perform tasks normally reserved for humans. But recently, AI has appeared on the brink of revolutionising industries like law, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

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How the Telco Industry is Benefiting from the IoT

The IoT (Internet of Things) is increasingly changing the way we work and live while becoming part of our daily lifestyle. Over the past few years, the IoT has gained visibility thanks to the rise of interactive fitness trackers, intelligent thermostats, and the expectation of autonomous vehicles.

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How Telcos are Competing with Utility Companies

 The energy war is heating up, and the solar-plus-storage revolution is on the way. Solar-based generation has long been available in the market, however energy utilities have managed to keep companies and consumers on the grid.

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The Forces Disrupting Telecommunications in the Next Five Years

There are massive changes on the way for the telco industry, many of which will revolutionise the way we communicate. Disruption is guaranteed, and the companies that are prepared for these external factors will be the ones that retain a competitive edge in the future.

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How Hybrid Power is Revolutionising the Telecommunications Industry

The demand for high quality, reliable hybrid power continues to increase each year. There is also a particularly high demand for non-diesel energy source options for telecommunications networks. 

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