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Why Narrowband IoT makes sense for Australia and New Zealand

It’s predicted that by 2020 there will be 41.6 billion connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the world. As the world’s network of IoT devices grows, it’s become clear that not everyone needs a smart fridge, connected security systems or biometric scanners. What about the smaller devices of the IoT world?

There’s a growing group of devices that have connectivity needs that are lesser than your average IoT network provides.

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VITA 62 compliant power converters

The VITA 62 converters are MIL-COTS power supplies that are designed for 3U and 6U OpenVPX systems.

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Space Saving with New Delta LYTE II Series 120W and 240W

Delta’s newest LYTE II series of DIN rail power supply is up to 30% slimmer compared to its LYTE I version saving precious installation space.

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Case Study: How to simplify the backup solution for a railway company

Infrabel is a Belgian railway company that owns and manages the entire territory’s infrastructure that includes 3,500 kilometers of railway tracks, around 12,000 switches and nearly 2,000 level crossings.

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EDS-500: Guaranteed power during unexpected AC cuts


Premium´s EDS-500 is a 500W battery charger that allows you to feed DC loads even if there is an AC mains cutdown. It is compatible with PbCa (sealed or open), NiCd and other battery types under request.

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Enatel’s EM4X energy manager- Battery Management Systems

Batteries are now ubiquitous with the capabilities and costs of the various chemistries well known. While the traditional lead-acid battery is far from obsolete, there are now price-performance choices for telcos, integrators and DC system designers where the safety and temperature range of ferrous phosphate cells can be considered against the energy density of lithium-ion options and so forth. 

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High-performance PCB layout and thermal design techniques

What are the most important aspects of PCB design?

Designers often overlook the PCB, resulting in poor designs and inadequate performance. PCB layout is critical for removing heat and delivering power in a system. This workshop will cover important aspects of PCB design to maximize heat transfer and minimize power delivery impedance and losses.

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MIL-COTS DCM DC-DC Converter Modules by Vicor Power

Rugged high power converters for 28V and 270V line inputs.

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The newest addition to the Powerbox DC UPS family, now available in din-rail.

The PB358-DIN(-IEC) series is a family of 13.8Vdc, 27.6Vdc and 55.2Vdc, 138W, TS35 DIN rail mounted, off-line battery chargers / DC uninterruptible power supplies which operate from 220/240Vac mains power. When connected to a lead acid battery, these units provide uninterrupted power to critical DC loads in the event of a mains failure.

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Powerbox PBSP-74I Series

The PBSP-74I is the latest generation in DC/AC Inverters for on-board diesel locomotive applications developed by Powerbox Australia. 

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