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High-performance PCB layout and thermal design techniques

What are the most important aspects of PCB design?

Designers often overlook the PCB, resulting in poor designs and inadequate performance. PCB layout is critical for removing heat and delivering power in a system. This workshop will cover important aspects of PCB design to maximize heat transfer and minimize power delivery impedance and losses.

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MIL-COTS DCM DC-DC Converter Modules by Vicor Power

Rugged high power converters for 28V and 270V line inputs.

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The newest addition to the Powerbox DC UPS family, now available in din-rail.

The PB358-DIN(-IEC) series is a family of 13.8Vdc, 27.6Vdc and 55.2Vdc, 138W, TS35 DIN rail mounted, off-line battery chargers / DC uninterruptible power supplies which operate from 220/240Vac mains power. When connected to a lead acid battery, these units provide uninterrupted power to critical DC loads in the event of a mains failure.

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Powerbox PBSP-74I Series

The PBSP-74I is the latest generation in DC/AC Inverters for on-board diesel locomotive applications developed by Powerbox Australia. 

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Delta EUCO-1K5140GLA - LED Driver for Stadium and High Powered Lighting Applications

Delta have recently released the new EUCO ARENA SPORT Series LED driver, EUCO-1K5140GLA, which is designed to provide luminaire manufacturer’s a versatile solution for many industrial and commercial lighting applications such as high mast lighting, recreational sports lighting, harbors, airports, and parking lot lighting. 

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CINCON CMB100S - 100W AC-DC Full Brick Power Supply


The CMB100S is the latest edition to Cincon’s range of encapsulated AC-DC power supplies, providing up to 100w in a full-brick package.

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PREMIUM EDT-150 - DC UPS / Battery Charger


The  EDT-150 is the latest series of 150W offline battery charger /  DC-UPS from Premium S.A. When connected to a 12V lead acid battery (or equivalent), this power supply provides uninterrupted power to 2 independent 48Vdc load outputs in the event of AC Mains failure. 

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In today’s energy critical world, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the operating parameters of your infrastructure to optimise energy use and minimise maintenance expenditures.

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PREMIUM S.A Railway Capabilities

Premium S.A manufacture robust and highly reliable products that meet the demanding regulations and standards of the transportation and rail sectors offering a long life of the solution.

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Ironing out the issues in the Pilbara

Powerbox is proud to have played a part in the Mount Newman Railway LTE upgrade project, helping our customer to deliver precision and efficiencies in one of the world’s most challenging environments.

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