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 New ChiP-based DC-DC converters provide up to 1244 W/in3 power density and up to 93% efficiency.

Vicor are offering a new platform of isolated, regulated DC-DC converter modules based on the company’s Converter housed in Package (ChiP) power component platform. Delivering up to 2X the power density of conventional DC-DC converters, Vicor’s new ChiP DCMs™ enable power engineers to conserve valuable board space. ChiP DCMs can be utilised for a wide range of applications requiring high power density and thermal management flexibility.

Vicor’s ChiP DCM platform spans DC-DC input ranges from 16V to 50V and 160V to 420V. Coupled with FPATM and ZVS regulators, these novel power components enable dense, efficient and scalable source-to-load power system solutions.

There are two pre-configured ChiP DCMs. The first is a 4623 (46x23mm) 60W ChiP DCM, with nominal 290 Vin and 13.8 Vout for applications such as HV Li-Ion battery to 12V systems. The second is a 3623 (36x23mm) 320W ChiP DCM with 16-50 Vin range and nominal 28Vout, optimised for 28V MIL-COTS systems. ChiP DCMs provide up to 1244 W/in3 power density and 93% efficiency, with parallel array capability of up to eight units.

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