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The CDC (charge-discharge-charge) principle is simple and well-proven but often fraught with problems.   

Enatel’s SYNERGi Hybrid Power System offers highly advanced solutions designed to minimise or eradicate these problems with one simple, easy to manage solution.

SYNERGi offers full and complete control of up to two generators, plus a partial grid connection. 

Some of these problems are: 

  • Lead acid batteries have long absorption phases and generally like to be 100% charged
  • Batteries become very expensive as they must be highly cyclic
  • The move towards shared tenancy sites creates high load requirement – and very, very large batteries
  • Each site requires fine tuning to ensure generators do not stall and optimal generator loading.

Key Features in this whitepaper by By Murray Wyma from Enatel Energy, discusses how to overcome these issues including:

  • Solar Optimisation
  • Dynamic Generator Anti Stall
  • Phase Balancing
  • Monitoring, Control and Site Visibility

Download the Whitepaper