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Low-cost airlines have led to increased competition for passengers in the rail industry. These airlines (particularly in Europe) can get passengers to their destinations cheaper and faster than a train, even when they spend time going through security.

This means that in order to grow their market share, rail companies need to be willing to provide the best possible customer experience. As airlines face declining customer satisfaction, this translates to a big opportunity for rail to attract people who are sick of long lines and strict baggage rules.

Here are a few ways that rail companies can improve customer experience:

Ensure Convenience
While many people love to travel, actually getting from Point A to Point B can be a hassle. The most important aspect of train travel is convenience, and the rail industry should be continually developing easy and convenient solutions for its customers.

One of the best ways to do this is through a strong online presence since most people look to the internet whenever they need information. This also allows rail companies to provide tailored discounts to customers booking online.

Another key issue is removing the need for customers to print their tickets. These could be delivered to their doorstep, but in this day and age, it makes much more sense for e-ticketing or tickets sent directly to an app which can then be scanned when they board.

Make it Comfortable
We all know that comfort is often hard to find while travelling. That’s why sufficient legroom is a must. It’s also a good idea to think about how people spend their time on trains. Many people use this time to catch up on work or school assignments, so plenty of power sockets will help customers wanting to charge laptops and phones on the go.

Create a Loyalty Strategy
With the rise of big data, most businesses have more data about their customers than they know what to do with. And this is definitely the case with the rail industry. With customer insights and business analytics, you can proactively gather customer information and then analyse it to see their preferences and deliver what they need.

Most loyalty and reward schemes lack differentiation, leaving a gap in customer satisfaction. By creating a program that delivers personalised service, you can turn customers into advocates.

Provide Entertainment
Various rail companies have started offering wifi onboard, but companies offering free wifi will achieve much greater customer satisfaction. This improves the travel experience for passengers while allowing them to stay connected at all times. This can also help rail companies contact customers in the future- simply require an email for a free login, and you’ll be able to send tailored marketing campaigns directly to that customer’s inbox.

Seize Technology Opportunities
In Australian, more than 16.69 million people use a smartphone. And this has climbed to more than 2 billion people globally.

If your rail company doesn’t yet have an app, you’re missing out on an excellent way to make travelling more convenient for your customers. Keep in mind that it’s not enough to simply provide booking capabilities on your app. Instead, customers should be able to receive an electronic ticket, check in, see real-time trip details, be notified of any delays or issues, and receive alerts when the train is close to their stations.

As more people become urbanised, and air travel dissatisfaction continues to grow, rail companies have plenty of opportunities to gain a competitive edge. The companies that focus on customer experience will quickly become industry leaders and will overtake rail companies that stick with the status quo.

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