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Mount Victoria Signalling



The Mount Victoria Area Remodelling Project is a recent Sydney Trains project involving the modernization of overhead wiring, train signalling equipment and significant civil work, including track modifications.

Scope of Work

Powerbox Australia was engaged by Hitachi Rail STS to help assist in the design and type approval of network approved DC power supply equipment to support upgraded train signalling system.

The chosen equipment was procured and installed by John Holland who was awarded the Contract for the $79 Million Mt Victoria Area Remodelling Project.

The SolutionB3700_Schaefer

The chosen power supply solution is integral to enable remote control signalling operations, support the future introduction of new trains and ensure the ongoing reliability of the network.

The engineered solution comprised of a N+1 redundant 48Vdc supply powering critical 48Vdc loads, including the sites Microlok II signalling system. Isolation was achieved via DC/DC converters.

For Hitachi Rail STS and Sydney Trains this was an easy choice. For more than 15 Years, Powerbox has been supplying German designed and manufactured, Schaefer Elektronik power conversion equipment across the Sydney Trains network for signalling applications. To date, Schaefer equipment has been successfully installed in a wide array of locations, including trackside location cases which regularly face extreme variations in temperature from -5°C in the winter months to as high as +50°C in summer.

Schaefer equipment was selected due to:

  • Sydney Trains Type Approval
  • Flexibility in design – AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC or AC/AC topology with various input/output voltages available.
  • Monitoring via TC05 Control Card
  • N+1 / 2N+1 Redundant configuration
  • Wide temperature operation (up to +75°C with d-rating)
  • Natural Convection Cooling (on modules up to 2.5kW)

It is anticipated that the installed equipment will be the basis for additional signalling works due to be completed in 2022 / 2023.

What equipment and services can Powerbox provide for your next Rail project?

  • Consultation & advice on the best power conversion equipment for your application and network requirements.

  • Assistance with new equipment type approval lodgement

  • Design and Supply of modular Critical Power equipment to support a variety of both AC and DC loads.

  • Supply of Industry leading lithium-ion battery technology.

  • Monitoring solutions to ensure your critical network equipment is always operational.

  • “Power as a Service” – a managed service providing critical power for your network upgrades / expansion.  


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