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These isolated unit type DC-DC converters are suited to a wide range of applications.

  • Wide input voltage range
  • Various lineups
  • Selectable input and output terminals:Terminal block / connector
  • Selectable with case cover
  • Selectable with DIN rail mounting bracket


  • Wide input voltage range DC9-36V/DC18-76V
  • High efficiency
  • Easy-to-use interface DC-DC converter (unit type)
  • Available connector interface (option)
  • Available case cover (option)
  • (15W connector type can be selected only)
  • Available DIN rail installation type (option)
  • Remote ON/OFF negative logic, the primary side, inverted logic can be selected (positive logic)
  • Output voltage adjustment (for single output, ±10%)

CE marking:

  • Low voltage directive


  • RoHS directive