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Each year Australian households and business continue to consume more data and require higher bandwidth from their Internet Service Provider (ISP). The insatiable demand for data and bandwidth has been compounded during the pandemic with a greater uptake in hybrid work / education models and more and more HD streaming and online gaming services available. It is now common place to have several simultaneous connections to one or more of these services within a household or business.

For many years, Australians have had little choice in which ISP provider they use. The market has been traditionally dominated by the “Big Telcos” offering NBN and limited fixed cable connections.

The challenge




The solution

When advising customers on the best solution for their network infrastructure requirements the first question that is asked is: 

“What voltage is the primary load?”

Based on the answer given we choose the most efficient architecture to meet our customer’s needs.

Primary load Voltage 48Vdc 230Vac 48Vdc + 230Vac
  Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 9.31.34 am CET_Power_Sierra10-2 CET_Power_Sierra10-2
Recommended Solution Enatel MicroCompact Series (PSX12/PSX13) CE+T Sierra10 CE+T Sierra10
Type DC Power System (Rectifier) Multi-Directional Converter (Tri-Port Design) simultaneously providing both 48Vdc and 230Vac Multi-Directional Converter (Tri-Port Design) simultaneously providing both 48Vdc and 230Vac
Smart Monitoring Yes – via Enatel EM4X monitor Yes – via CET Inview monitor Yes – via CET Inview monitor
Smart Lithium Battery Supported Yes – via Modbus Yes – via Modbus Yes – via Modbus
Hot Swappable Yes Yes Yes
Form Factor 19” Mountable 19” Mountable 19” Mountable
Size (RU) 1 RU 1 RU 1 RU
Power (kWs) 0.94 – 2.58 kW 1.2 – 4.8 kW 1.2 – 4.8 kW
Load Distribution 6 x Load Breakers (6-30A) + 2 x Battery MCBs (30A) AC Port – Bulk output or via IEC socket
DC Port (Battery) – Bulk
AC Port – Bulk output or via IEC socket
DC Port (Battery + Load) – Bulk


Recommended Battery Options


Critical to any UPS providing either DC or AC backup is the battery. A system is only as reliable as the weakest link, which has traditionally been a site’s lead acid batteries.

At Powerbox, we are pleased to be able to offer our customers direct access to Polarium’s best in class Smart Lithium Batteries.

Polarium, is a Swedish company dedicated to providing the best performing, safe and sustainable energy storage solutions built on the latest lithium-ion technology.

All Polarium products offer:

  • High Energy Density – multiple sizes and capacities available for wide site coverage

  • High reliability - longer service life, in harsh environments

  • Excellent Safety features including:
    –  Real Time Monitoring and Control by onboard Battery Management System (BMS)
    –  Real Time Adjustment of the State of Charging and Discharging automatically

  • Smart – ability to easily monitor critical battery data including:
    –  SOC
    –  Capacity
    –  Battery Voltage
    –  Current
    –  Minimum Cell Voltage
    –  Maximum Cell Voltage
    –  Maximum Cell Temperature
  • Programmable Alarming (via RMS controller)
    –  Under Voltage
    –  Over Temperature
    –  Under Temperature
    –  Short Circuit
    –  Circuit Breaker State

  • Ease of Installation and Operation

Polarium Smart Lithium Battery Options

Model SLB48-050-124-2 SLB48-100-145-5 SLB48-150-146-5 SLB48-250-146-2
  polarium-slb48-050-124-2 polarium-slb48-100-146-5_2 polarium-slb48-150-146-5 polarium-slb48-250-146-2
Capacity 50Ah / 2400Wh 100Ah / 4800Wh 150Ah / 7200Wh 250Ah / 12959Wh
Max Charge Voltage 58.8Vdc 54.7Vdc 54.7Vdc 58.8Vdc
Height (RU) 2RU 4RU 4RU 4RU
Depth (mm) 382mm 420mm 577mm 557mm


Interested in learning more about Lithium-Ion Battery Technology – Chemistries, Comparisons and Future Outlook? Find out more here

What equipment and services can powerbox provide?

  • Consultation & advice on the best power architecture for your application and network requirements.

  • Design and Supply of modular Critical Power equipment to support both AC and DC loads.

  • Supply of Industry leading lithium-ion battery technology, purposely built for the global telecommunications market.

  • Monitoring solutions to ensure your critical network equipment is always operational.

  • IP cabinets to house power / network equipment.

  • Power as a service” – a managed service providing critical power for your network upgrades / expansion.