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Why More Telcos Are Switching from Diesel Power


Telecommunications towers have fast become an expected part of our urban landscapes. As more people demand fast, reliable data and cellular service, more towers go up.

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How Telcos Are Providing Power to Rural Areas

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In Australia, it’s easy to take our constant connectivity for granted. But in some countries, most people are living in rural areas where the grid is simply unable to reach.

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5 Ways Telcos Can Benefit from Hybrid Power


Today’s telecommunications companies are experiencing massive industry disruption. Increased competition from OTT providers, increased regulation, and greater technological opportunities. For most telcos, a reliance on diesel has led to high operating costs, which eat into profits.

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What’s Next for Australian Rail?

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The rail network in Australia is the sixth largest in the world, with the rail industry making a significant contribution to employment, to the economy, and to those who depend on it for both freight and passenger transportation.

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These Rail Companies are Using Hybrid Power to Gain a Competitive Edge


 Many industries are currently experiencing technological disruption from a number of outside forces. And the rail industry is no exception. Advances in technology (particularly in the trucking industry) may soon begin putting pressure on the industry, as autonomous/electric vehicle technology will make it much more cost-effective for the trucking industry within the next decade.

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How Telcos are Fighting Poverty in the Developing World


The telecommunications industry has changed massively over the past 20 years. It’s hard to believe that people have only been using the internet since 1994. It wasn’t until the late nineties and early 2000s that the average person owned a mobile phone, and the first iPhone didn’t appear until 2007. 

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How Telcos Can Improve Customer Experience


Australians have long been disillusioned with their telco companies. One study found that 22% of Australians consider their telcos all the same. This is despite massive competition between telcos over pricing and quality.

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The Challenges and Opportunities for Modern Telco Companies

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In the telecommunications industry, technology has been evolving at breakneck speed. And customer demands continue to keep pace with these massive changes. But the telco industry’s unique history has left many telco companies with highly complex structures. That means that some telco companies are being slow to innovate, which leads to a loss in market share when competitors embrace cutting-edge technology and solutions.

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How Telecommunications Companies Can Become More Competitive


The telecommunications industry is facing increased competition. This is coming from within the industry, as telcos duel it out, fighting for subscribers in oversaturated markets. It’s also coming from outside the industry, as companies in adjacent industries like social media and technology begin to move into the space.

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How the Telecommunications Industry Can Fight Climate Change

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As of 2013, there were more than 6.79 billion mobile subscribers. As we continue to see the impact of climate change on communities around the world, it’s clear that it’s essential to make this sector more sustainable.

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