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Case Study – Mount Victoria Area Remodelling Project

Mount Victoria Signalling



The Mount Victoria Area Remodelling Project is a recent Sydney Trains project involving the modernization of overhead wiring, train signalling equipment and significant civil work, including track modifications.

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ChiP-based DCM™ Converter Modules from Vicor


 New ChiP-based DC-DC converters provide up to 1244 W/in3 power density and up to 93% efficiency.

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Delta's 3-Phase AC to 24V DC 2.5A rated DIN Rail


The CliQ II 3-phase DIN rail power supply series offers output voltage of 24V. These products are encased in rugged yet lightweight full aluminium body that can withstand shock and vibration according to IEC 60068-2 standard.

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Powerbox Introduces Cosel STMGF Series DC-DC Converters


These isolated unit type DC-DC converters are suited to a wide range of applications.

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