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SM15K SERIES - Bi-Directional DC Power Supply

Increased power without compromising either specifications or lifespan is what the SM15K units offer - a breakthrough in power electronics technology has enabled them to engineer features that customers demanded but were previously impossible while maintaining very competitive prices.

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Case Study: How to simplify the backup solution for a railway company

Infrabel is a Belgian railway company that owns and manages the entire territory’s infrastructure that includes 3,500 kilometers of railway tracks, around 12,000 switches and nearly 2,000 level crossings.

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EDS-500: Guaranteed power during unexpected AC cuts


Premium´s EDS-500 is a 500W battery charger that allows you to feed DC loads even if there is an AC mains cutdown. It is compatible with PbCa (sealed or open), NiCd and other battery types under request.

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Powerbox Exclusive Value-Add - Delta CliQ / CliQ II Series Din Rail Power Supply with IEC Type AC Input.


The PBB1P series are highly reliable, high temperature operation din-rail mountable, single output AC/DC power supplies. The PBB1P series is unique as it includes a factory terminated IEC AC mains input.

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Simplify Power Disruption Management for Higher Efficiency and Lower Cost with Delta DC-UPS



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Vicor Power-on-Package (SM-ChiP)


Advantages of a New Approach to XPU-Mounted Power 

By overcoming the obstacles imposed on CPUs or GPUs (or simply XPUs) by external high current delivery through the “last inch,” Vicor Power-on-Package technology does more than just improve performance and simplify motherboard design. 

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New Powerbox AC/DC Power Supply

The NEW Powerbox  PBI6C Series AC/DC powersupplies are one of the smallest power supply units in the industry that come standard with remote control. The PBI6C Series has a maximum efficiency of 90.5% and has a unparalleled Eco-friendly design.  
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New Panel Mount PMF Models from Delta


Delta Electronics extends the PMF panel mount power supply series designed for demanding application requiring high power factor. The two new models provide a 5V/55A and 24V/13.3A output. The PMF-5V320WCGB and PMF-24V320WCGB have protection features including overvoltage, overcurrent, over temperature and short circuit protections.

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Vicor MicroPAC High Density AC-DC Power System


1,300 W AC-DC Semi-Regulated Power Supply

The Vicor Westcor™ MicroPAC™ is a power factor corrected AC-DC power system providing up to 1300 W of continuous power at up to 92% efficiency and 25 Win³ power density in a compact 4 x 1.72 x 7.45 inch package.

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Delta Extends PMC Panel Mount Power Supply Series with 48V 150W Product


The PMC Panel Mount Power Supply series now offers 150W output power with 48V output voltage. The single output product (PMC-48V150W1BA) comes with universal AC input at 85Vac to 264Vac and has built-in active PFC circuit to achieve high PF (Power Factor) value.

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