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A true Naval qualified – MIL-STD-1399 and MIL-DTL-901 – Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) must meet stringent requirements, consistent with a military grade solution. This white paper reviews a set of core qualifications to evaluate when sourcing a military UPS.

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All of Enercon Technologies Ltd’s Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are designed and built specifically for Navy Shipboard (Surface and Submarines) applications.

A UPS intended for Naval vessels must meet stringent requirements that are specific to Navy Applications and are not required in almost any other application. It is almost impossible to modify the design of a UPS that was not originally designed for shipboard application, such that it will be able not only to reliably operate from Ship‐board power and tolerate the ship environments. But also, to ensure that it will not compromise the ships safety and combat readiness (for example, by generating structural born acoustical noise in a Submarine) or interfere with the operation of special equipment (for example, by generating low frequency power‐line harmonics that interfere with the operation of Anti‐submarine Warfare Equipment).

Some of the features that affect the quality and reliability of a Naval UPSs are very similar to those required for similar high-quality equipment intended for other applications. High quality Workmanship and Soldering (per IPC J‐STD‐001 and IPC‐A-610), Conformal Coating on electronic assembly (per MIL‐I‐ 46058C and IPC‐CC‐830), the segregation of humid and dust‐laden cooling air from circuit boards and power semiconductors, corrosion preventive measures and other best‐practices are important for any high-quality electronic equipment.

Several of the special requirements from a UPS intended for a Navy Shipboard application, that are typically not required from a standard high‐quality UPS designed for other applications are delineated on the following pages.

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